tack free: The condition when a film of finishing material has reached the point that the surface can be touched lightly without the sensation of stickiness.

tacky: Highly viscous and sticky: the state of an adhesive or finishing agent after it has been applied but before it is totally cured.

tally: A record of the number of pieces and footage by grade.

tannin: A complex chemical compound naturally occurring in some wood.

tapered: Describes a n object that goes from one dimension to a smaller dimension along the length.

tearout: Broken or torn fibers that occur as the blade or tool exits a cut.

template: A pattern to guide the cutting of a shape to assure very accurate cuts.

tenon: The tongue or tab, part of a cope cut that fits into the mortise (groove) of the door frame joint.

tension wood: A type of reaction wood that most typically forms in hardwood trees on the upper side of bent tree. Prone to warping and fuzzy surface.

thermoplastic: The property of softening when heated and hardening upon cooling, as contrasted to thermosetting.

thermosetting: The term applies to resins which become hard after heating and cannot be re-softened.

thickness planer: See planer.

thin kerf: Refers to a saw blade with a reduced kerf.

thinner: A substance, usually a solvent used to dilute and reduce the viscosity of a finishing agent to make it easier to spread and create a more even coating.

thixotropy: The tendency for the viscosity of a liquid to be shear-rate dependent. When the liquid is rapidly shaken, brushed or otherwise mechanically disturbed, the viscosity decreases rapidly. Thixotropic behavior is the result of molecules or particles in the liq

tight knot: A knot that is so fixed by growth or position that it will firmly retain its place in the piece.

toner: Transparent or semitransparent colors used to even the tone of the wood.

tongue & groove (T & G): In strip, plank and parquet flooring, A tongue is milled on one side of the plank and a groove is milled on the opposite edge for installation purposes. As the flooring is installed the tongue of each plank is engaged with the groove on the adjacent plank

top coat: The final protective film of a finish system. There are various topcoats with different properties.

translucent: Describes material that allows some light to pass through but which is not clear enough to see through.

transparent: Describes material that allows light to pass through completely; clear enough to see through.

tread: The horizontal part of a stair step, the part that is stepped on.

trim: The finish materials in a building, such as mouldings, applied around openings( window trim, door trim) or at the floor and ceiling of rooms(baseboard, shoe moulding, cornice and other).

twist: Spiral warping of a board. The board is no longer flat.

tylosies: A waterproof, foam like substance that forms in the pores of some species of wood and blocks them, thus impeding or preventing the movement of moisture through the pores.- common in White Oak.