v-block: A border element designed to allow adjustments of the pattern to fit at the corners.

v-groove: Narrow and shallow “V” or “U” shaped channels on the face to make the appearance of V- joint planking.

v-joint: A term used in plank flooring to indicate that the edges are beveled.

vapor retarder: A material with a high resistance to vapor movement , such as foil, plastic film, or specially coated paper having a permeance rating of 1 perm or less, that is used to control condensation or prevent migration of moisture. Through floor, wall or ceiling

varnish: An oil based finish used to coat a surface with a hard glossy film.

veneer: A thin sheet of wood, rotary cut, sliced or sawn from a log or flitch from 1/100” up to ¼”.

veneer checking: Normally expressed in longitudinal cracks in veneer.

veneer log: A high quality log, of a desirable species suitable for conversion to veneer. Veneer logs are large, straight, minimum taper, and free of defects. Less than 5% of logs are veneer quality.

vertical grain: A way of describing quarter sawn planks that emphasizes the fact that the grain runs perpendicular to the face.

vintage: Classification of character markings and coloration with regard to antique flooring . Usually milled from reclaimed boards or beams, this grade of flooring will contain tight but possibly open knots, nail & spike holes, cracks up to 1/8” in width, worm ho

vinyl lacquers: Catalyzed lacquers made with vinyl resin rather than nitrocellulose base.

viscosity: The property of a fluid which causes it to resist flowing. It is the internal friction of the movement of molecules against each other. Viscosity is the measure of combined effects of cohesion and adhesion. It is one of the most important physical propert

viscosity meter: A device for measuring the flow rate of a fluid. Most common are ford cup and Zhan cup.

volatile: Characteristic of some chemicals whereby they readily evaporate at normal temperature and pressure.

volatile organic compound - VOC: Any carbon compound that evaporates under normal conditions.

volute: A spiral shaped handrail extension at the bottom of the staircase.