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Millwork Addons:

Oak, White

Oak, White

Quercus Alba

Fagaceae - The Beech Family

Other Common Name(s):

Arizona Oak, Arizona White Oak, Cucharillo, Eastern White Oak, Encino, Encion Negro, Fork-Leafed White Oak, Mamecillo, Oak, Ridge White Oak, Roble, Roble Amarillo, Roble Colorado, Roble Encino, Roblecito, Stave Oak, White Oak

FSC Available

Domestic Hardwood

Suitable for Exterior/Interior Use:

Both Interior and Exterior


Barrels, Cabinets, Flooring, Interior Trim, Millwork, Mouldings, Shipbuilding, Turnings


White Oak grows in southern Ontario and southern Quebec, and the eastern half of the United States.

General Description

The narrow sapwood is whitish to light brown, and the heartwood is a light tan to pale yellow, and sometimes can have a grayish-green hue. The rays are much larger than in Red Oak. The grain is usually straight, with a coarse texture caused by the open grain.

Price Range: ($ least expensive, $$$$$ most expensive)


Working Properties


Physical Properties

Weight (lbs/BF):
Specific Gravity:
0.60 - 0.68
Modulus of Rupture (psi):
8,300 - 15,200
Modulus of Elasticity (1,000 psi):
Side Hardness (lbs):

Additional Information

Tylosies in the vessels of the wood block moisture from wicking through the open grain as it does in Red Oak, this is why White Oak is commonly used for liquor barrels. These tylosies can also cause a problem during kiln drying, as the impede the moisture from leaving the wood, and if dried too fast the wood will check.

Items Available

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  • 4/4 FAS
  • 4/4 Sel & Btr Quartered
  • 4/4 Sel & Btr Rift
  • 4/4 #1 Com
  • 4/4 #2 Com
  • 4/4 Rustic
  • 5/4 FAS
  • 5/4 Sel & Btr Quartered
  • 5/4 Sel & Btr Rift
  • 5/4 #1 Com
  • 5/4 #2 Com
  • 6/4 FAS
  • 6/4 Sel & Btr Quartered
  • 6/4 Sel & Btr Rift
  • 8/4 FAS
  • 8/4 Sel & Btr Quartered
  • 8/4 Sel & Btr Rift
  • 8/4 #1 Com
  • 10/4 FAS
  • 12/4 FAS
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