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Millwork Addons:

Priming & Buffing

At Rex Lumber Company we can provide several options for priming and buffing. The best time to prime wood is when it is freshly machined, clean and dry, in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Our standard primer, which is white, is a specially formulated coating designed to be applied on bare wood, bonding with the substrate and providing a uniform surface for the topcoat to adhere to. It also acts as a sealer, forcing evaporation as designed and preventing solvents from the topcoat from soaking into the wood.

Paint is flooded on the product while it passes through the paint chamber and the excess paint is vacuumed off as it exits the chamber, leaving a uniform thickness. The moulding then passes through a dryer where it is then ready for shipping or buffing, depending on your requirements and needs. The buffing operation "scuffs" the exposed surfaces, which creates better intercoat adhesion between the prime coat and top coat. It also knocks off any slight fiber raising that may occur.


The capacity of the of our vacuum coater primers is 1/4” to 3” in thickness and 1/2” up to 11-3/4” in width.

Spray Finish

If our standard primer does not meet your needs we have full custom capability using our spray finish line.

100% Acrylic Latex Primer, in both white and tinted colors.

  • Interior or exterior (exterior has stain blocker, mold/mildew deterrents)
  • LOW VOC, non-toxic, environmentally safe
  • Tinting available

Alkyd Based Primer (oil)

  • Interior or exterior
  • Self- leveling- hard when dry, hard, tight film
  • Penetrates better than acrylic, blocks stains well
  • Tinting available

Pre-catalyzed Lacquer Primer

  • Interior only- moulding should be sanded prior to priming
  • Seals porous surfaces, fills, levels, permits uniform sheen
  • High end priming- meets KCMA performance standards

Fire Retardant Primer

  • Water based flat latex
  • Interior and exterior available
  • Can be top coated with most water based paints

Fire Retardant Coatings - Flame Seal Liquid

  • Clear water based penetrant
  • Spray on 4 sides , allow to dry
  • Can be used under many types of paints and stains
  • Class A Fire rating
**Wholesale to the Trade Only**