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Millwork Addons:

Red Grandis® Eucalyptus

Red Grandis® Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Grandis

Myrtaceace - The Myrtle Family

Other Common Name(s):

Eucalyptus, Grandis Eucalyptus

FSC Available

Imported Hardwood

Suitable for Exterior/Interior Use:

Both Interior and Exterior


Exterior Trim, Flooring, Interior Trim, Millwork, Mouldings


Red Grandis® is plantation grown in the northern region of Uruguay.

General Description

The heartwood is uniform pinkish light brown color. The sapwood, which is usual very narrow, is lighter in color. The wood is straight grained, with a medium to medium-coarse texture.

Price Range: ($ least expensive, $$$$$ most expensive)


Working Properties


Physical Properties

Specific Gravity:0.62 - 0.80

Additional Information

Unlike similar species in the marketplace, Red Grandis® is a single species grown on a single large plantation. Therefore the wood is more consistent in texture, grain and color.

Items Available

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